Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Update 2.4 set for October 1

By Michael Jamias
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New operations and 4v4 warzones will arrive early autumn in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Update 2.4, an upcoming major content patch for the intergalactic sci-fi mmorpg, is scheduled to release on October 1.

Game Update 2.4 will be a "very big" patch, according to senior producer Bruce Maclean's latest forum update.

The update will contain the Planet Oricon, a short story arc that will bring players face-to-face with the Dread Masters. It also rolls out two new operations -- Operation: Dread Fortress and Operation: Dread Palace -- as well as new 4x4 Warzone arenas and new Elder Game PvE and PvP gear.

A few more surprises should make it by the October 1 launch date, with Maclean teasing: "This isn’t an exhaustive list, and we are also working on several longer term initiatives."

The Game Update 2.4 reveal came with Maclean's reassurance that Game Update 2.3 is still looking on track for launch by August 6.

Game Update 2.3 titled "Titans of Industry" will be introducing the new Ewok Companion Character Treek, new flashpoints in both story and hard modes, and new reputation rewards.

Game Update 2.3 will also see the trial run for role-neutral system for Group Finder (initially limited only for the new Czerka Flashpoints.) This innovation promises to speed up the matching process in the online rpg as players will be matched with the first three players in the queue regardless of group role.


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