Star Wars: The Old Republic Players Pay Tribute to Carrie Fisher

By Jeff Francis
SWTOR Carrie Fisher tributes

One of the hallmarks of an mmorpg is the "massively multiplayer" aspect of the genre. We often forget in the daily grind that players are part of an online community, but such community can quickly come together when tragedy strikes. Today marks a dark day for fans of the Star Wars franchise as Carrie Fisher died after suffering a massive heart attack a few days before Christmas. Now players are organizing and taking part in a number of Star Wars: The Old Republic Carrie Fisher tributes within the game.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Carrie Fisher tribute

It appears that the main site of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Carrie Fisher tributes are being held in the main hall of Castle Organa on Alderaan. Players from both the Imperial and Republic factions have been taking part in such gatherings already. A large scale tribute is scheduled to take place from 7-9pm tonight. Players are organizing such SWTOR Carrie Fisher tributes on Reddit, as well as posting screenshots and videos.

Imperial players are working with Republic players to ensure safe passage into the main hall of Organa Castle. High level Imperials are keeping guards at bay so that lower level characters can pay their respects. It's always amazing to see players taking charge, such as organizing these Star Wars: The Old Republic Carrie Fisher tributes. I remember gathering with Star Trek Online players to mourn the passing of Leonard Nimoy as well as joining hundreds of other mmo superheroes in City of Heroes to pay a last farewell to Christopher Reeves.

Our greatest sympathies go out to the family of Carrie Fisher as 2016 has stolen a princess from us all.


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