Star Wars: The Old Republic News

SWTOR War for Iokath update live
Forces of the Republic and Empire are now battling each other to claim the secrets of the ancient world of Iokath. The latest update for SWTOR features a new world that is dominated by machines and includes appearances by old companions and a new operation. The Star Wars: The Old Republic War for Iokath update is now live for the sci-fi mmorpg, and it brings a wealth of opportunities and content.The main part of the Star Wars: The Old Republi...
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Apr 18 2017
How should players react to a $60 SWTOR platinum lightsaber?
In this day and age of mmorpg games, companies are looking to enhance their revenue streams in any way that they can. The old days of a game existing solely upon subscription fees is long past, and now every online game essentially has a cash shop. Almost every gamer is perfectly fine with an mmo cash shop, but the major bone of contention that can arise is over the question of what items are actually being sold in said cash shops. BioWare recent...
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Mar 10 2017
BioWare selling SWTOR platinum lightsaber
One thing that many mmo players rage about is games going pay-to-win or selling rare in-game items for cold, hard cash. Of course, the lines for this action can be blurry in this era of lockboxes, or in the case of Star Wars: The Old Republic, cartel packs. BioWare has posted details on how players can now purchase a Star Wars: The Old Republic platinum lightsaber, specifically the Unstable Arbiter's Lightsaber, for 7,600 Cartel Coins, which equa...
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Mar 08 2017
SWTOR Defend the Throne now live
A whole lot of new conflict is coming to the mmo of a galaxy far, far away. The new Star Wars: The Old Republic Defend the Throne update is now live and adds quite a bit of new content for players to sink their lightsabers into. One feature of SWTOR update 5.1 is that a new chapter difficulty is being introduced: master! Players can earn new achievements by playing the Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne under this new ...
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Jan 24 2017
SWTOR Carrie Fisher tributes
One of the hallmarks of an mmorpg is the "massively multiplayer" aspect of the genre. We often forget in the daily grind that players are part of an online community, but such community can quickly come together when tragedy strikes. Today marks a dark day for fans of the Star Wars franchise as Carrie Fisher died after suffering a massive heart attack a few days before Christmas. Now players are organizing and taking part in a number of Star Wars...
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Dec 27 2016
How to improve mmo gameplay
Playing online games has changed dramatically over the last few decades. When I first started playing the earliest versions of mmo games, you had to use your imagination as all you saw was a wall of text. The text-based MUDs have given way to insanely lush graphics and fully-voiced NPCs. Games today strive to be as immersive as possible, and the introduction of 3D virtual reality is a perfect example of this. Yet there is always room to make onli...
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Dec 02 2016
All SWTOR Knights of the Eternal Throne chapters to be released together
Wannabe Jedi and Sith are getting excited for the upcoming release of the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic. This new expansion continues the storyline that began in Knights of the Fallen Empire for the sci-fi mmorpg. The previous expansion saw the individual chapters being released at separate times, but such is not the case this time around. Community Manager Eric Musco announced on the game's official foru...
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Oct 12 2016
SWTOR Knights of the Eternal Throne trailer
The events in Star Wars; The Old Republic are truly going epic. The recent Knights of the Fallen Empire breathed new life into the sci-fi online rpg, and BioWare is looking to kick things up a notch or two with the next expansion that continues the storyline. The newly released trailer for the Star Wars: The Old Republic Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion paints a very sad picture of a mother forced to turn against her daughter, who has succ...
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Oct 07 2016
Are mmo forums obsolete?
As mmo games have evolved over the years, discarding one revenue model for another and introducing new features, there has been one constant: the forums. The humble mmo forum has served as the conduit of information between developers and players since online gaming first began. They have also served as a place where gamers could seek answers from other players, and mmorpg forums have also been a source of entertainment as massive flame wars erup...
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Aug 07 2016
BioWare shutting down all game forums except for SWTOR
A critical tool for communication between game companies and players is the forum. Whether one is an mmo or video game player, a game's forum was where questions could be asked (and hopefully answered!), details of upcoming updates could be found, and providing a place to express oneself about the current state of the game. However, the rise of social media is usurping the role of game forums, and some companies have taken note. BioWare has annou...
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Jul 29 2016