Take a look at Star Trek Online's Undine visual revamp

By Michael Jamias
star trek online undine visual revamp

Disappointed with the current look of Undine aka Species 8472 in Star Trek Online, MMO designers are giving the non-humanoid species a facelift.

The Star Trek Online Undine visual revamp will be sprawling based on the number of changes planned.

For starters, designers plan on increasing the detail of the Undine textures, resulting in a more striking form. The Undine armor has also been changed to reflect their affinity towards biotechnology.

In describing the visual theme for the new Undine inspired by a faithful adherence to the official series references, character artist Joe Jing, Sr. said: "Shapes are organic and there are hardly any straight edges, yet the ships have symmetry and very intentional looking grooves. They also have a distinct 3-pronged look. It all looks almost grown, but in a very controlled and often ordered manner."

The end result: A very raw Star Trek Online Undine concept art below:

Star Trek Online Undine concept art

"The final concept carried over many of the attributes seen in the reference. The plates look almost grown, yet high tech. They also look light, but strong. Their gauntlets include control panels very reminiscent of the monitor seen used by an Undine in the show," said Jing.

The armor even takes into consideration the Undine’s psychic abilities, which explains the use of optic cables attached directly to their temples.

The Undine's critter mechanics have also been updated, with spiffy new FX, including the boss to attack using wrist blades, wrist guns and psionic attacks. Gone are the annoying self-heals, but they received a new regeneration effect that makes them a priority focus target when you fight them in the free online rpg.


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