Star Trek Online previews new Undine Battlezone mechanics and rewards

By Michael Jamias
star trek online undine battlezone preview

Star Trek Online's new Undine Battlezone will introduce an intense node control challenge in the sci-fi online rpg, and keep players busy for more than an hour of all-out fighting against the fluidic space species.

Star Trek Online Undine Battlezone screenshot

Part of Star Trek Online's upcoming Season 9: A New Accord update, the Undine Battlezone will consist of nine strategic points. Each point likely taking an average play time of five to 10 minutes before a faction takes control.

The Undine Battlezone will also scale in difficulty depending on the number of participating players, and will be highly unpredictable with a very real threat of Undine re-capturing points at a moment's notice.

The goal of players is to capture all nine points in the Battlezone. Doing so opens the path to a timed boss challenge to defeat up to three Undine modified planet killers. Taking down one of the planet killers will constitute a victory and trigger a shower of reward for players based on their contributions. But wiping out all three planet killers "will result in even more exciting things happening" which we take to mean better, rarer rewards on top of the standard Dilithium, Undine Marks and Isomorphic Injection.

The mmorpg designers in charge gave a caveat though that gameplay mechanics and other Undine Battlezone details can change leading up to its Season 9 release based on beta test feedback on Tribble.


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