The Tzenkethi are Warping into Star Trek Online

By Jeff Francis
Star Trek Online introduces the Tzenkethi

A new alien race is soon set to enter Star Trek Online and cause lots of headaches for players. Cryptic has revealed that the mysterious Tzenkethi are set to enter the sci-fi mmorpg. These reptilians have been plucked from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and have once fought a war against the Federation. The alien race was never actually seen in the series, but they have been mentioned in the game during the Echoes of Light episode. A new developer blog details the particulars of the Star Trek Online Tzenkethi race.

Star Trek Online Tzenkethi

In the blog for the introduction of the Star Trek Online Tzenkethi race, it's revealed that the alien race features four arms (two immensely strong arms and two weaker ones for intricate tasks), dragon-like heads, and rhino-like skin. They also feature a set of bony plaques on their back, providing them natural protection from the year. The Tzenkethi resemble a walking weapons platform when fully armored and equipped.

As for the system design for the STO Tzenkethi aliens, the developers write, "The Tzenkethi are a force that can match any member of the Alliance. They’re a militant warp-capable species, and they’re highly intelligent. From the beginning, we knew we wanted a fight with the Tzenkethi to be a fight you could get better at by knowing more about them. Your first fight with them will probably be your most difficult one.

What this meant was that they needed actions for many different situations. They will keep their enemies on their toes by being outfitted with technology that allows them to potentially deploy multiple types of drones, or fire a grenade launcher with multiple firing modes. Beyond this technology, the Tzenkethi needed to be resilient, but not a damage sponge.

We pursued what we called 'smart-tanky'. We wanted their technology to lend itself to potential survivability, but all of it can be countered."

It's a sure bet that the newly developed Star Trek Online Tzenkethi race will make an appearance in one of the upcoming episodes for the mmo. You can read more about the overall design and the evolution of the concept art for the Tzenkethi here.

Are you happy to see the introduction of the STO Tzenkethi alien race? (Personally, I think it's cool that the game continues to pluck items from the various TV franchises.) Let us know in the comments below.


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