Star Trek Online Season 9 Arrives April 22nd

By Jeff Francis
Star Trek Online season 9

Cryptic announced today that Star Trek Online Season Nine: A New Accord will arrive on April 22nd. The events of the new season follow on the heels of  Season Eight: Sphere, which featured Tim Russ as Admiral Tuvok. Players will have to contend with the fierce Undine, which they tangled with in the previous season of the mmorpg.

The main thrust of Season Nine for Star Trek Online will be ongoing story arc of the players attempting to deal with the Solanae Dyson Sphere that has warped to the Delta Quadrant, as different races fight for control. The three major factions of the mmo: Federation, Klingon, and Romulan will have to work together against the Undine and the Voth if they wish to prevail.

Star Trek Online season nine

The Undine are also getting a new facelift with improved graphics and the Undine Advance/Borg Collective story arcs are getting revamped as well. Other changes include kit revamps and a complete remake of the Earth Space Dock to make it less cramped and more in-tune with the Star Trek ascetic. There will be at least two new Special Task Force missions for players to queue up for, as well as a new battlefield-like ground adventure zone. Tim Russ will reprise his role of Admiral Tuvok in several missions, and lifetime subscribers will have their perks improved.

Season Nine: A New Accord will warp into Star Trek Online on April 22nd.


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