Martok Joins the Fray as Star Trek Online Season 13.5 Launches

By Jeff Francis
Star Trek Online Season 13.5 live

One of the most iconic Klingon characters is making his introduction into Star Trek Online in the game's latest update. The free mmo is bringing Martok into the fold, and he's played by J.G. Hertzler , who originated the role in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. However, Martok is only the tip of the iceberg as Star Trek Online Season 13.5 launches today with new content and features.

The components of Star Trek Online Season 13.5 include:

New Featured Episode – Players will team up with the Klingons to free legendary General Martok from a secret prison in the episode, "Brushfire."

The Endeavor System – Level 60 captains can earn rewards throughout each week by completing challenges with the new Endeavor System.

Ferengi Trade Alliance Admiralty – The game’s Admiralty System has been updated to include a new campaign helping captains acquire trades and goods with the aid of the Ferengi Trade Alliance. This new feature is available to all captains Level 52 and above.

STO Season 13.5 also has Tony Todd reprising his role as General Rodek. One of the hallmarks of the sci-fi mmo is that it continues to bring the actors from the franchise into the game to reprise their characters. Another interesting facet of Star Trek Online Season 13.5 is the appearance of the Son’a from Star Trek: Insurrection. A new lockbox for the Son’a can yield the Son'a Intel Battlecruiser and Son'a Command Science Vessel, both of which are Tier 6.

Overall, STO Season 13.5 looks rather intriguing as there's new features, the Son'a, and some pretty iconic Klingons from the franchise.


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