Enjoy Klingon Ice Fishing During Star Trek Online Q's Winter Wonderland Event

By Jeff Francis
Star Trek Online Q's Winter Wonderland 2016

You know that it's the most magical time of the year when Q returns to grace mmo players in Star Trek Online with his presence and holiday cheer. Nothing says the holidays like fighting off Borg-infested snowmen or helping to save the gingerbread village from invaders. The Star Trek Online Q's Winter Wonderland is set to begin tomorrow, December 1st, and last through January 12th. There are plenty of nifty items to be earned, and the festival is also adding Klingon ice fishing to the mix!

Star Trek Online Klingon ice fishing

Players can partake of the new Klingon ice fishing activity during the Star Trek Online Q's Winter Wonderland event by first talking to the Klingon Ice Fishing Master found on the shore of the frozen lake. At the end of the tutorial, players will be given a free ice fishing gauntlet which is used in the activity that occurs at the bottom of every hour. It seems Klingon ice fishing is especially fierce and brutal as it appears the player will be essentially punching through the ice. Players will gather candy fish, which is then used to summon the candy Kos'karii for the players to battle.

The STO Q's Winter Wonderland event features some new items for mmorpg players to pick up. There are a number of new holiday-themed sweaters for your captains to sport. The shrill voice of the epohh lady can lead you to two new epohh creatures: the cherry and lime flavored epohhs. There are new kit modules to add some icy chills to your enemies, but the biggest prize to be had during the Star Trek Online Q's Winter Wonderland is the new Tier 6 Breen Chel Boalg Warship. You can read the full stats on the new starship here.

Are you ready to go Klingon ice fishing during the STO Q's Winter Wonderland event for 2016? Let us know in the comments below.


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