Star Trek Online Mac version beta begins November 12

By Michael Jamias
star trek online mac version beta

Star Trek Online takes one crucial step closer to a Mac release on November 12.

The Mac version beta begins on that day, giving hope to Mac users that they will soon be able to play the sci-fi online rpg with optimized performance.

Currently, Mac users have to settle for wonky app that runs the Windows version, or installing Bootcamp on their admittedly less widely adopted systems.

On the forums, some fans are even excited to compare the performance between the new Mac version and the longstanding Windows version, and see which one delivers a better mmo gaming experience.

The start of the Mac version beta also coincides with the release of Season 8: The Sphere, a content update which includes a Fleet System expansion, the new Solanae Dyson Sphere Battlezone, and a redesign of the Worf.

Lore-wise, the major update ferries our intergalactic heroes to a distant quadrant in space where a dangerously devious foe awaits -- the Voth. Thought lost millions of years ago, the Voth are a technologically advanced dinosaur race that has armed itself with lasers, mechs and ships with a lot of bite.


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