Star Trek Online celebrates Lohlunat festival

By Michael Jamias
star trek online lohlunat festival risa

Starting June 27 Star Trek Online can visit planet Risa and join the Lohlunat festivities.

The Star Trek Online Lohlunat festival, which lasts until August 15, will take place in the new resort island on Risa in the Sirius Sector Block. Players can also choose to transwarp to the event location by selecting the Mission Journal calendar. Even Klingon Defense Federation characters can join in by heading to the Sirius Sector Block borders and receiving special permission to warp in to Risa system.

The annual festival offers fun and games that should distract sci-fi MMO fans. And they are far from trivial, with the activities rewarding cool prizes like a special Risian Corvette ship that has been designed to outpace most vessels.

Players can score the sweet Risian Corvette by participating in flying courses. The flying paths are filled with pearls, and collecting a thousand pearls will allow any pilot to own the sweet ride.

The resort island will also play host to numerous dance parties -- a pastime that inhabitants of the online rpg should find hard to resist. Dance parties are scheduled to erupt every half hour in the resort's beachside dance floor.

For the more outdoorsy types, stepping out the resort will lead to the tropical jungle that leads to all sorts of destinations from beaches to caves to the caldera of an extinct volcano, according to Star Trek Online developers.

Dozens of other items can be redeemed for participating during the Lohlunat festival such as new flying pet eggs, a horga'hn statuette and food and drinks.


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