Star Trek Online Announces the Addition of LeVar Burton and Season 14

By Jeff Francis
Star Trek Online announces addition of LeVar Burton

Like many Trekkies, I wish I was attending the Star Trek Las Vegas convention instead of sitting at home. Cryptic is holding court at the Leonard Nimoy Theater to discuss what mmo players can look forward to in Star Trek Online, and there's quite a bit. The most important tidbit is the Star Trek Online LeVar Burton news that was just announced. The character of Geordi La Forge will be featured prominently in two upcoming episodes.

The whole Star Trek Online LeVar Burton connection is meant to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation (man, I feel old!). LeVar Burton will first reprise his character of Geordi La Forge in the episode titled "Beyond the Nexus." In this episode, players will join La Forge and his crew as they investigate a distress call from a Galaxy-class ship whose crew is being mind-controlled by a mysterious energy source. What should get TNG fans even more excited about this episode is that fully-realized Galaxy-class interiors will now become available for purchase. Now you can hang out in Ten Forward to your heart's content. Players can also pick up the skant uniform from season one of TNG as well as the Type 7 shuttle from the series.

The second episode to feature LeVar Burton is "Melting Pot," which is serves as the introduction for Star Trek Online Season 14: Emergence. This episode features La Forge and Captain Kuumaarke accompanying players as they explore a new colony world comprised of the newly reunited Kentari and Lukari. Of course, things become desperate after the player beams down, and a simple tour evolves into a pitched battle for the colony's survival.

The new colony is more than just a setting for an episode. It's also part of the new content for Star Trek Online Season 14 in the form of a new Fleet Holding located on the Kentari and Lukari's new joint homeworld. STO Season 14 will also see the addition of a new Tzenkethi Red Alert, two fleet holding defense queues, and new colony map special event, and a Primary Specialization called the "Miracle Worker." The new season is slated to be released in October.

What are your thoughts on the Star Trek Online LeVar Burton news that players of the mmorpg will finally get to meet Geordi La Forge? Let us know in the comments below.


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