Watching the stirring trailer for Star Trek Online's Legacy of Romulus expansion

By Michael Jamias
star trek online legacy of romulus trailer

Star Trek Online's latest expansion, Legacy of Romulus, launches today and there's no better primer to the new playable faction than this launch trailer.

From its title alone, it's obvious what will be the main focus of the new Legacy of Romulus expansion: The Romulans, a new third playable faction in the sci-fi mmorpg alongside the Federation and Klingon factions.

For the duration of the video, the narrator gives a compelling speech that is bound to tug some heartstrings despite the traditionally antagonistic role of Romulans versus the humans and the Federation. Fans of the series will know Romulans to be passionate and cunning -- almost the exact opposite to their shared descendants, the unfeeling and logical Vulcans -- and will soon be able to run around the game world controlling this notoriously opportunistic race.


The Romulan narrator alludes to a disastrous event that has humbled his people, and this is none other than (SPOILER ALERT!) the destruction of their home planet Romulus from a supernova explosion. This catastrophic event will set off a chain of events in Star Trek Online that will test the tenacity of the Romulans and provide the backdrop for its main storyline.

For those who find the prospect of playing Romulans less than appealing, the new expansion offers alternative rpg progression. The Klingon leveling grind has been fully fleshed out, allowing fans to start at level 1 and climb to level 50 through new missions designed to match the previously superior Federation leveling experience.


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