See what Star Trek Online's beaming in with next month’s Legacy of Romulus expansion

By Michael Jamias
star trek online legacy of romulus expansion

In the upcoming expansion, players can roll as a Romulan or Reman, explore their unique storylines, and fly mighty Warbird Class starships.

Star Trek Online releases Legacy of Romulus next month on May 21 with an armada of other new features, including improved character creation freedom to the delight of its free rpg fanbase. Everyone can now start in any faction—Federation, Klingon Empire or Romulan Republic—and level up their characters all the way to 50 without any restrictions.

Tons of intriguing missions and storylines will descend on the space mmo. For one, Empress Sela makes her much-awaited return to the game, figuring into the political plot surrounding the destruction of Romulus. Meanwhile, a mysterious new enemy is spreading fear and havoc on the Beta Quadrant which falls upon players to come to its defense.

Fans will also have a grand time fighting against the Tholians, a new reputation, which promises exclusive rewards and benefits for max-level captains.

Star Trek Online will even receive major upgrades on its combat trait system and user interface. New advanced traits will be unlocked, allowing players increased specialization of their captain and crew. Meanwhile, the UI has been made over with convenience and color customization in mind. The revamped UI will have an HUD color palate change, easier-to-read options and “enhanced interactions.”


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