Star Trek Online Agents of Yesterday Expansion Launches on Consoles

By Jeff Francis
Star Trek Online Agents of Yesterday console launch

For the longest time, the standard bearer for sci-fi was the original series of Star Trek. Many Trekkies were raised watching the series on syndication, which was eventually followed by numerous movies and new TV series. Star Trek Online recently brought the era of the original series back to the free mmo, bringing a smile to older players and introducing younger players to the glory of brightly colored velour uniforms. Now console players can take part in 23rd century adventures as the Star Trek Online Agents of Yesterday expansion launches on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The Star Trek Online Agents of Yesterday console launch brings a slew of new content for players to enjoy. Some of the features of the STO Agents of Yesterday expansion include:

New Sub-Faction – Players can access the new tutorial section to begin their new adventure as a captain from Star Trek: The Original Series.

New Missions – Captains can earn rewards by participating in over a dozen Star Trek: The Original Series-themed missions.

New Starships – Agents of Yesterday includes over a dozen new starships from every era, from the famous 23rd Century Constitution-class Cruiser to the 31st Century Chronos-class Temporal Dreadnought.

New Specialization Tree – After becoming a Temporal Agent, players can manipulate the timeline to ensure it’s protected against those trying to destroy the past.

New Special Task Force Missions – This feature allows captains to team up with other members of the community to take on all-new challenges in space and on ground.

New Universe to Explore – Agents of Yesterday features content, actors and themes from the Kelvin Timeline, the universe which the 2009 and 2013 Star Trek films are based on.

One of the highlights of the Star Trek Online Agents of Yesterday console launch that I think mmo players will enjoy is hearing actors from the franchise reprising their iconic roles. The expansion features Walter Koenig (Chekov), Matt Winston (Temporal Agent Daniels), Joseph Gatt (Cyborg Crewman 0718), and Chase Masterson (Admiral Leeta). Also, Chris Doohan takes over for his father as Scotty. The STO Agents of Yesterday console launch also includes features from the last update for the PC version - Agents of Yesterday: Artifacts.


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