A New Accord begins in Star Trek Online

By Tam Mageean
star trek online accord

Say hello to a rise of Undine aggression, a new featured episode and a plethora of new and updated content in Star Trek Online: A New Accord.

The content developers at Cryptic are picking up a solid reputation for top notch gaming additions for the intergalactic mmorpg, and A New Accord is looking to keep the trend going.

Fans have been following Cryptic's dev blogs for the new Star Trek Online content since mid-march, and can now get their hands on the hugely anticipated system and artistic redesigns, added Undine vs Borg firefighting, improved (and more open) character customization, and, most importantly, the engaging new feature episode in the mmo's, free to play saga.

Star Trek Online A New Accord

The new featured episode; the ninth in the series so far, has been lovingly crafted with great storytelling in mind. Players can team up with Star Trek: Voyager's Tuvok to co-ordinate the next defensive phase, in response to the increasing threat of the Undine.

Past Borg and Undine missions have also been improved to further immerse players in the plot, with new queued events and a PvP-wide update, enabling cross faction play in all maps, and added endgame content for good measure.

For a full list of the tweaks, improvements and additions, check out the Season 9 release notes here, and let us know what you think.


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