Star Trek Online marks 4th anniversary with milestone infographic

By Michael Jamias
star trek online 4th anniversary infographic

It's been four years since the sci-fi online rpg warped into the mmorpg scene and is still going strong with 3.2 million captains in command.

There are several other notable statistics in the Star Trek Online 4th year anniversary infographic below that prove the game is flourishing in a time when other mmo games are folding up.

Star Trek Online 4th anniversary infographic.

For instance, Star Trek Online players appear to own an average of 5 starships each, with 16 million starships currently in service. Players have also managed to complete 2.8 million reputation projects so far, suggesting the popularity of that feature.

Starship combat is obviously a prime draw for players. There are now 75.8 million duty officers in service to keep players company in their intergalactic adventures and entanglements. A total of 21,500 fleets are also in service.

Players have also defeated 75,500 Voth Fortress Ships, pacing at a rate of one destroyed every 75 seconds on Holodeck since Season 8 went live.

The final part of the infographic gives a shout-out to the celebrities who have lent their voices to bring their respective in-game characters to life, from Zachary Quinto as the Emergency Medical Hologram (who also played Spock in the latest movie series reboot) to Michael Dorn as Worf.

If anything, Star Trek Online's 4th anniversary affirms its thriving community and is a good sign that the game can continue doing well for years to come.


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