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Star Trek Online Season 13.5 live
One of the most iconic Klingon characters is making his introduction into Star Trek Online in the game's latest update. The free mmo is bringing Martok into the fold, and he's played by J.G. Hertzler , who originated the role in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. However, Martok is only the tip of the iceberg as Star Trek Online Season 13.5 launches today with new content and features.The components of Star Trek Online Season 13.5 include: New Feat...
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Jul 18 2017
Star Trek Online Kobayashi Maru Review
One of the most iconic scenes in Star Trek lore takes place in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. At the beginning of the film, it appears that the Enterprise is destroyed while attempting to render aid to the Kobayashi Maru. Of course, we find out that it was just a simulation, but the legend of the Kobayashi Maru had now been firmly planted in every Trekkie's heart. The new movie series even used this scenario in its reboot, and it has now return...
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Jul 06 2017
Star Trek Online summer event review
There are times when starship captains need a break from exploring strange new worlds, seeking out life forms and civilizations, and going boldly where no man has gone before. Fortunately for players of the Star Trek Online free mmo, the opportunity for rest and relaxation can be found during the summer months. Instead of engaging in deadly space battles, players can frolic on the beaches of the beautiful world of Risa and soak up the sun to get ...
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Jun 30 2017
PWE announces 2017 mmo summer events
Ah, the sweet glory of summer! Sun-drenched days of no school and sitting by the pool or at the beach, sipping on a cool drink. Of course, summer runs a bit differently if you're a player of mmo games as that means there's more time to dive into your favorite online game. To allow you time to prepare on how to spend your summer days, all of the Perfect World Entertainment mmo summer events have been announced for their entire roster of games. He...
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May 30 2017
Star Trek Online Mirrors and Smoke review
Sometimes peace and diplomacy needs a helping hand, even in Star Trek Online. However, such help might require the use of photon torpedoes and phasers. The sci-fi free mmo recently released their latest feature episode, Mirrors and Smoke. The player will once again join forces with the Lukari and Captain Kuumaarke. Does this latest episode continue the recent themes of exploration and discovery? Find out in our Star Trek Online Mirrors and Smoke ...
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May 12 2017
Star Trek Online Survivor review
Time and personal storylines meet in dramatic fashion in the last featured episode, Survivor, for Season Twelve of Star Trek Online. This is the third episode of the New Frontiers story arc, following the Of Signs and Portents episode. In this new mission, the Lukari take a backseat to a storyline that is based upon one of the best episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Some old, familiar faces will pop up in the STO Survivor episode as the ...
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Apr 28 2017
Star Trek Online contest for cabin on Star Trek: The Cruise II
There are a lot of benefits to playing Star Trek Online. A lot of players love the space combat found in the sci-fi online rpg while others enjoy visiting locations and NPCs from their favorite shows. Then there's the fact that you're associating with thousands of other players who love the Star Trek franchise as much as you do. Now a new Star Trek Online contest is giving players the chance to hang with other fans in person and meet some of thei...
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Apr 24 2017
Star Trek Online space combat revamp announced
If you ask most players of what they like best in Star Trek Online, they'll often tell you that it's the space combat. The sci-fi mmorpg has an amazing system of ship combat within the icy depths of space. However, the game is now over seven years old, and Cryptic has decided that it's time to have a Star Trek Online space combat revamp. A slew of changes are coming in an effort to make this feature even more fun for players.A developer blog ...
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Mar 15 2017
Star Trek Online The Breach review
One of the best features of the Star Trek Online mmorpg is flying around in your own personal starship, engaging in epic space battles. Cryptic has found a way to crank this feature up to eleven (for all you Spinal Tap fans) by having a team of players flying their ships through the interior of an insanely massive Voth ship as The Breach space queue returns for another engagement. Cryptic has made some changes to this unique battle in this latest...
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Mar 09 2017
Star Trek Online Agents of Yesterday console launch
For the longest time, the standard bearer for sci-fi was the original series of Star Trek. Many Trekkies were raised watching the series on syndication, which was eventually followed by numerous movies and new TV series. Star Trek Online recently brought the era of the original series back to the free mmo, bringing a smile to older players and introducing younger players to the glory of brightly colored velour uniforms. Now console players can ta...
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Feb 14 2017