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  • Star Trek Online: Quest

    Star Trek Online: Quest
    Here is a quest objective in the tutorial area. ! means there is a quest available, like many games....
    Star Trek Online: Quest

    Star Trek Online: Phaser

    Star Trek Online: Phaser
    Star Trek Online is not just ship combat. I'll destroy that before it becomes more of a problem....
    Star Trek Online: Phaser

    Star Trek Online: Not futile

    Star Trek Online: Not futile
    If resistance is futile, then why do I kill so many borg drones?...
    Star Trek Online: Not futile

    Star Trek Online: Explosion

    Star Trek Online: Explosion
    Space combat can be hectic. I just destroyed a damaged probe. Look out for the explosion....
    Star Trek Online: Explosion

Star Trek Online gameplay

Star Trek Online gameplay

Star Trek Online is the first free online RPG adaption of the hugely popular Star Trek franchise, originally created by Gene Roddenberry way back in 1966. Star Trek Online is a sci-fi themed MMO title that thrusts players into a galactic war between The Federation and the bloodthirsty Klingon race, both featuring heavily in the original Star Trek TV series. Star Trek Online is the first high-quality MMORPG game to feature both ground and space combat at launch. You play the role of a starship captain, on either the side of The Federation or The Klingons.

Star Trek Online features a highly innovative mission mechanic that offers players missions for both space and ground-based combat scenarios. Ground combat works in a similar way to other MMORPG games but you're crew is alongside you, each having their own stats, progression paths and abilities. You can have up to four crew members with you at any one time, and each follows a typical MMORPG archetype, offering unique squad-based mechanics usually seen in FPS titles. The ground missions will send you and your crew to a variety of exotic locations, from unexplored planets on the edge of the galaxy, to the interior of a deadly Klingon starship.

The space based missions are just as exciting, offering players intense ship vs ship combat in a 3D environment. You control ever aspect of your ship in combat, from utilizing famous Federation maneuvers to launching iconic weapons such as the torpedo's and phasers.

Star Trek Online also boasts some highly creative customization options, found in many of Cryptics online games. You are able to edit various aspects of your ship, from the color of the hull to individual parts and technology upgrades. The customization isn't just limited to your ship either, players are even able to create their very own species to join the historic lore surrounding the Star Trek franchise.

Supported by over five decades of detailed characters, stories and races, Star Trek Online provides players with an authentic Star Trek experience while offering a variety of interesting MMO mechanics and exciting space and ground themed combat.

By Rachel Rosen


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