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    Star Sonata 2: factions
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    Star Sonata 2: skills
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    Star Sonata 2: combat
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Star Sonata 2 Gameplay First Look - HD

Star Sonata 2 Gameplay First Look - HD

Star Sonata 2 is a sci-fi sandbox mmo that combines the elements of both strategy and rpg gaming. Developed by Landauer Games, players take on the role of an intrepid star explorer who is free to roam the universe. Players are represented by starships (no walking here) and can interact with the game's universe in any style that they wish. There is a wealth of customization options for players in that there are eight classes in the game, as well as four trade skills and 127 trainable skills.

Starships are a central feature of Star Sonata 2 and the game features over 250 different ships that players can acquire. Players can also customize their ships by changing certain aspects such as the engine, shield, weapons, energy, and so on. In addition to their current ship, players can also create and control robotic slave ships with rts controls so that they  will fight alongside you. Combat in this sci-fi game is action-based and takes place in real time as you'll be actively piloting your ship as you dodge your enemy's attacks while hoping your aim is true.

The sandbox nature of this free to play mmo allows the players to explore and colonize the universe of Star Sonata 2 as they see fit. Players can find new worlds and create colonies. Players can also create trade routes using robotic slave ships. Building bases allows the player to construct items and ships. Players can permanently impact the universe by constructing space stations to facilitate trade and commerce. You can earn wealth through the honest labor of crafting, selling, killing enemies, or completing missions or you can choose to go the unlawful route and engage in PvP to gain riches at the expense of other players. You can seize territory held by other players through brute force, which also means that you will need to implement defenses to safeguard your territory. If you desire to stay away from PvP, that option is open as there are distinct PvP and non-PvP zones.

If a player is feeling the urge to rule in Star Sonata 2, they can win the game by declaring themselves emperor and striving to defend their palace from all attackers until the universe resets. Every three to four months, the universe resets and randomizes which allows for new exploration, new conquests, and new conflicts as borders and boundaries shift. The sandbox nature of this sci-fi mmo game also allows for customizing your UI through the use of client mods to suit your specific needs. Action and strategy combine with rpg elements to make Star Sonata 2 a unique gaming experience.

By Jeff Francis

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