Star Lords first official teaser trailer

By Michael Jamias
star lords first teaser trailer

Get a good initial look at Star Lords, the interstellar empire-building strategy rpg from developer Arkavi Studios and publisher Iceberg Interactive.

Watch the Star Lords first official teaser trailer below:

The two-minute trailer lets you know the fundamental gameplay premise of Star Lords: Become a leader of a race, build up its home world, expand its economic power and military might with colonies, and aim to beat other rival races for galactic dominance.

The trailer also shows us bits and pieces of the features in this 4x strategy game. Players will be able to manage economic and political issues affecting their empire, and fight other races in tactical turn-based combat. The game also pits players either against human-like AI or other real players.

Developers have noted before that ship designs can be customized, and modding fans will be able to set up their game as they see fit.

Publisher Iceberg Interactive said Star Lords could join the list of mmorpg games on the Steam Early Access program as early as this December, upon which players will get to access the Alpha version. With the game having spent months already in QA testing, the target Steam release date seems likely to push through.


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