Star Lords 16.0 update beams into Steam Early Access

By Michael Jamias
star lords 16 0 update

If you've been playing Star Lords on Steam Early Access, get ready because you're about to stumble into a smoother-playing game when you next log in.

You'll have to thank Iceberg Interactive for releasing the Star Lords 16.0 update, which brings on a new game creation screen, stability improvements to lower the number of crash incidences, and a healthy dollop of bug fixing and balancing.

Needless to say the turn-based sci-fi combat rpg has never looked and played better.

The improvements should be noticeable even before you begin your first turn. Creating a game will now feel much more streamlined with the new game creation screen. Menus are less cluttered and more organized, making it easier to set-up and play.

The new update is also brimming with quality-of-life-improvements meant to keep crashes and other annoying issues to a minimum. As a willing mmo tester for Star Lords Steam Early Access, you might be extra patient with the snags, but developers know that if they want to get closer to a launch-worthy title, then drastic cleanups like these are necessary. Even the look of Star Lords has been given a boost through a graphical upgrade focusing on improved backgrounds and updated ship models for the Krifith Empire.


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