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star lords 16 0 update
If you've been playing Star Lords on Steam Early Access, get ready because you're about to stumble into a smoother-playing game when you next log in. You'll have to thank Iceberg Interactive for releasing the Star Lords 16.0 update, which brings on a new game creation screen, stability improvements to lower the number of crash incidences, and a healthy dollop of bug fixing and balancing. Needless to say the turn-based sci-fi combat rpg has neve...
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Mar 01 2014
star lords steam early access
Purchase Star Lords on Steam for $19.99 and be one of the first to play the still-developing 4X space strategy RPG. Steam's Early Access program allows you to buy Star Lords, download it, test its tentative features, and suggest to developers what features to remove, retain or improve. For some fans, this is the next best thing to becoming a game developer because even one insightful fan comment can lead to a drastic feature change that eventua...
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Dec 09 2013
star lords first teaser trailer
Get a good initial look at Star Lords, the interstellar empire-building strategy rpg from developer Arkavi Studios and publisher Iceberg Interactive. Watch the Star Lords first official teaser trailer below:The two-minute trailer lets you know the fundamental gameplay premise of Star Lords: Become a leader of a race, build up its home world, expand its economic power and military might with colonies, and aim to beat other rival races for gal...
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Nov 20 2013