Star Conflict pushes out more T5 ships in patch 0.9.0

By Michael Jamias
star conflict patch 0 9 0 t5 ships

Star Conflict ventures into a new frontier filled with powerful T5 ships in the newly released open beta version 0.9.0.

Patch 0.9.0 now allows pilots control some of the largest space behemoths in the sci-fi-themed free to play mmo.

"Only the very brave and daring pilots would risk taking helm of these beasts," said the Star Conflict design team of the new T5 ships. Additional implants have also made their way into the game.

For PvE fans, there is a new mission called Attack on the pirate station which tasks pilots to rescue a team of scientists that have been kidnapped during a pirate raid. The pirate base is heavily defended by an energy field, so the mission will require pilots to first find a way to disable the energy field before taking siege of the base and eventually releasing the captive scientists.

Those who have had a bone with how the weapons and ammunitions worked in the free online rpg can also rest easy. Developers have completely redesigned the systems for both to be more dynamic and intuitive.

Ship customization should also become a more attractive option for even the most budget-conscious fans now that the Star conflict team has reduced the costs for coloring and stickers. Ship costs have also been reduced, allowing for collectors to expand their ship line-up more affordably.

Star Conflict is free to download on Steam and the game's official website.


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