Star Conflict now supports Oculus Rift and Linux

By Michael Jamias
star conflict oculus rift linux support

Star Conflict expands its playability with newly announced support for the Oculus Rift platform and Linux operating system.

Star Conflict's Linux support opens up the MMORPG to all gaming platforms based on the said operating system, said Stanislav Skorb, Director, Star Gem Inc, the indie studio developing the space dogfighting game. The space age free online rpg had been previously playable only on Windows and Mac OS systems.

Meanwhile, Star Conflict's Oculus Rift support is preparation for the future of 3D gaming.

Star Conflict Oculus Rift supported

Pilots, if they choose to play with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, will be able to fully experience what it feels like in a spaceship cockpit and shooting targets in exhilarating full stereoscopic 3D with a breathtaking 360-degree panoramic view of deep space. Of course you'll need to buy Oculus Rift separately when it comes out (and it's looking to be quite expensive). But if you have spare cash, it promises to make you see and play Star Conflict in a radically fresh way.

This expanded support comes with the two-year anniversary for Star Conflict, so why not throw in big discounts for loyal fans? In-game purchases including DLC and free premium account access will get "massive" discounts between April 3 and April 7.


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