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star conflict dogs of war update
Non corporation players may have been feeling left out in Star Conflict, but the new Dogs of War update thickens their role in the mmo. The Star Conflict Dogs of War update finally lets non corporation players, also known as mercenaries, to join Dreadnought battles for sectoral control.Mercenaries will be able to enter a queue system instead of the previous system which requires them to wait for a help call from a corporation. Mercenaries h...
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Sep 12 2015
star conflict dreadnoughts launch
Shock and awe is the theme of the latest Star Conflict update which rolls out the terrifying Dreadnoughts.Star Conflict Dreadnoughts are described as the powerful trump cards in any interstellar battle. Huge in size and destructive in their sheer firepower, the Dreadnoughts can prove impossibly strong to take down. Dreadnought battles are currently limited exclusively to corporations. But solo pilots can join the battle as mercenaries to def...
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Apr 25 2015
star conflict arc platform
Perfect World Entertainment's platform for free to play mmo titles has added Star Conflict to its roster. The Star Conflict Arc platform launch follows the footsteps of recent joiners like APB Reloaded, Elsword and Stronghold Kingdoms.While Arc is slowly and steadily building its selection of rpg games online, tending to focus on high-quality titles with already a large core following. Players who access Arc will get their hands on the late...
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Mar 27 2015
Star Conflict version 1.0 launches
The icy depths of outer space are heating up as players swarm into Star Conflict, the sci-fi themed free to play mmo. Gaijin Entertainment and Star Gem have announced that Star Conflict version 1.0 and Oculus Rift DK version of the game has been released. All players can now take part in the Invasion Mode facet of the game, where players band together to fight off waves of the mysterious aliens.An official Star Conflict post notes, "To celebr...
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Sep 04 2014
star conflict launch september 4
Star Conflict is ready for takeoff! Currently in open beta mode, the free to play mmo has set its official launch date on September 4.The Star Conflict launch day is jam-packed because the Invasion Mode will also be unlocked at the exact same time. This means players can choose to focus on the main Star Conflict game where you get to pilot an intergalactic spaceship in massive star fleet battles, or team up with friends in Invasion Mode to ex...
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Aug 28 2014
star conflict invasion mode closed beta
Do you have what it takes to repel the brewing alien invasion in Star Conflict? Rack up the necessary Universe Conqueror or Strikeforce Prometheus achievements in the space mmo and you can join the list of pilots with access to the Star Conflict Invasion Mode closed beta. While this might seem to favor veterans, Gaijin Entertainments says newer players can still catch up and earn the 1000 points this summer to also participate in the Invasion Mo...
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Jun 27 2014
star conflict oculus rift linux support
Star Conflict expands its playability with newly announced support for the Oculus Rift platform and Linux operating system. Star Conflict's Linux support opens up the MMORPG to all gaming platforms based on the said operating system, said Stanislav Skorb, Director, Star Gem Inc, the indie studio developing the space dogfighting game. The space age free online rpg had been previously playable only on Windows and Mac OS systems. Meanwhile, S...
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Apr 04 2014
star conflict patch 0 9 0 t5 ships
Star Conflict ventures into a new frontier filled with powerful T5 ships in the newly released open beta version 0.9.0. Patch 0.9.0 now allows pilots control some of the largest space behemoths in the sci-fi-themed free to play mmo. "Only the very brave and daring pilots would risk taking helm of these beasts," said the Star Conflict design team of the new T5 ships. Additional implants have also made their way into the game. For PvE fans, ther...
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Jul 24 2013
star conflict free download steam
The space-themed action MMO invites one and all to its open beta by making the game free to download on the Steam platform. Star Conflict is free to play but its optional DLC packs – three of which are also on sale via Steam – cost in the range of $15 to $60. The DLC packs provide unique bonuses for players who want to get ahead of the pack at the onset such as thousands of galactic standards to spend on gear and items, as well as reputation gai...
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Feb 28 2013