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  • Star Conflict: sides

    Star Conflict: sides
    There are 3 sides in Star Conflict. Each side will be given bonuses such as 5% experience and 2% missle damage for the Jericho....
    Star Conflict: sides

    Star Conflict: equipment

    Star Conflict: equipment
    Unlock new equipment back at the equipment section of the hangar. After unlocking or purchasing new items, click on the slot in th...
    Star Conflict: equipment

    Star Conflict: fighting

    Star Conflict: fighting
    Fighting in Star Conflict is straight forward and intuitive. Space combat games often use controls similar to first person shooter...
    Star Conflict: fighting

    Star Conflict: objectives

    Star Conflict: objectives
    Like Counterstrike and other multiplayer player versus player style games, the objectives are the real goals of the match. In this...
    Star Conflict: objectives

Star Conflict Gameplay

Star Conflict Gameplay

Star Conflict, developed by Star Gem Inc and published by Gaijin Entertainment, is a sci fi themed, PvP oriented, free to play MMO. For now, only the PC version is available but Mac support is announced too. Players will control a space vessel and battle human opponents. The game offers both iPvE and PvP content. Star Conflict matches support 2 teams of 16 players each. More game modes are on the to do list. Free and paying members have access to all Star Conflict features. However, premium options allow faster development. Ship customization is an important Star Conflict aspect. There are various modules that can be changed and added to Star Conflict ships.

There are 3 main Star Conflict forces. Each one has 2 sub factions. Imperial factions are Legion and Wardens. They have reputation and weapons bonuses. The Federation is an alliance of free factions. They oppose the Empire. Armada and Vanguard, the Federation factions, gain more income and have improved hit points. Raid and Techs are Jericho factions. They are outcasts. Both factions have XP bonus and also better missiles damage. There are 3 main Star Conflict ship types: light, medium and heavy. The role a ship can perform depends on the current customization. All ships, no matter the type, have balanced characteristics. The difference is in the mounted modules. This makes Star Conflict a RPG game. There are 2 types of modules: active and passive. Ships characteristics can be changed by applying 5 tunings: engine, generator, shield, hull and computer. Star Conflict ships can be equipped with various types of weapons like guns and rockets. Piloting skills should also be improved.

The hangar is the place where Star Conflict players store their ships. In combat, ships take damage. Before taking the ship once again on the battleground, repairs must be made. Star Conflict battle maps are open space or battle stations. There are 3 main Star Conflict space zones: Pandora, Tar and Ceres. Successful Star Conflict actions are rewarded with reputation. Faction ranks are unlocked depending on the reputation level. The best way to gain Star Conflict reputation is to win battles against members of the opposite factions. Doing special faction missions is also a good way to gain reputation. Synergy is another Star Conflict characteristic but it’s related to ships. It measures a player’s effectiveness with a certain ship. Synergy is gained when using that particular ship. Star Conflict is an online RPG and that means massive social interaction. Star Conflict has an alliance system that allows player to form clans (guilds).

By Rachel Rosen


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