Spirit Tales expansion introduces cuddly Spirit Hare tribe

By Michael Jamias
spirit tales expansion spirit hare tribe

The cute, reclusive tribe joins Spirit Tales to defend their forest kingdom.

Available starting December 12 with the launch of a new Spirit Tales expansion, the Spirit Hare tribe fields two powerful classes.

The Spirit Hare Guard is proficient in hand-to-hand combat and hunting. “As the guardian of the Spirit Hare Tribe, Guards can attack and defend in the shape of a cute animal due to the protection of the Forest Strength,” says developer KoramGame in its Spirit Hare tribe preview.

Meanwhile, the Spirit Hare Wizard has destructive command of the elements. “As the Spirit Wizard of this tribe, the four elements and the auxiliary spell can be used to attack enemies. What’s more, the Wizard also possesses a strong summon power.”

The Spirit Hare tribe also set themselves apart from the other races in the online rpg with their exceptionally cute look. Fans of the MMO can also have a blast customizing their Spirit Hare character with pointy ears or floppy ears.

The new expansion ushers in the Spirit Hares in a compelling story of survival. The Spirit Hare tribe hails from the southern mainland forests, but as the aggressive Northern Allegiance threatens to wipe out the other races, this forces the normally nomadic and peaceful tribe to join the Glorious Shield to hopefully thwart the decimation of their precious homeland.


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