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  • Spirit Tales: class selection

    Spirit Tales: class selection
    The game offers many classes to choose from and in depth customization....
    Spirit Tales: class selection

    Spirit Tales: Graphics

    Spirit Tales: Graphics
    Graphics are well polished, bright, and colorful....
    Spirit Tales: Graphics

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    Spirit Tales: skills
    Pick from a vast amount of skills to uniquely build your class....
    Spirit Tales: skills

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    Spirit Tales: combat
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    Spirit Tales: combat

Spirit Tales Gameplay First Look - HD

Spirit Tales Gameplay First Look - HD

Spirit Tales is a cute anime style free online RPG. Spirit Tales is developed by X-Legend and published by Koramgame. The game world is divided into 2 continents. Inhabitants of these 2 continents are at war. So far, odds seem to favor the northern side. Autumnal Grove is the last place of refuge for the southern tribes. The mightiest southern warriors form the Glorious Shield. This alliance seeks to defeat the northern tribes and regain the lost southern lands. Spirit Tales is the EU and NA version of Glory Destiny Online. Both games are published and distributed by Koramgame. Quests are a big part of Spirit Tales PvE content. There is an auto walk feature that automatically takes players to quest location. Mobs might be blocking your path so always be prepared for a fight.

Each Spirit Tales class has a very powerful ability. The Spirit Form transformation becomes available at early level 10. The duration of this transformation depends on total amount of spirit points. There are 6 playable Spirit Tales class types: Fighter, Archer, Shaman, Warrior, Sorcerer and Assassin. Classes have different mechanics and play styles. Some inflict melee physical damage while others rely on spell casting. The Shaman is the Spirit Tales healing class. Warriors are tanks. Archers, Fighters, Assassins and Sorcerers use most diverse techniques to deal damage. Spirit Tales players can tame almost any mob, even stronger bosses and rare spawns. A tamed creature becomes a player’s pet. Companion pets level up and advance just like their masters. Spirit Tales MMO players can join or create guilds. When enough guild XP is acquired, the guild gains one level and unlocks more benefits for its members. Spirit Tales players can duel any time they wish. Skilled PvP players can join daily arena events. Dungeon groups have 2 to 5 members. Each dungeon party should have a tank, healer and attacker (dps). The best Spirit Tales gear comes from running and completing dungeons.

The Social Community feature makes Spirit Tales player interaction easier. Each player creates a profile that displays all sorts of info like astral sign, blood type, etc. Because Spirit Tales is an online rpg game, players are encouraged to fill in with their character info and not their personal data. Spirit Tales character profiles also have a privacy setting so players can control who sees their profile. Spirit Tales has impressive visual character customization. There are around 40 million unique outfit combos. Players gain various pieces of a costume from completing quests, drops from mobs or bosses and by taking part in events. Players can customize an outfit’s appearance using dyes. Spirit Tales cash shop also has a good selection of unique costumes and many more useful items.

By Rachel Rosen


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