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Spellstone is a multiplayer card collecting game created by Synapse Games and published by Kongregate. The gameplay also includes RPG and strategy features. Beautifully hand drawn cards and colorful graphics will catch players attention in the first place. As they advance they will discover that Spellstone hides a story and a complex lore. Creatures of all shapes and sizes live in this fantasy world. Players will encounter powerful beasts, terrifying demons and brave heroes. Players have the power to subdue monsters but they need to acquire Spellstones first. These powerful beings will fight for their masters. Details about the game world are revealed when players complete story missions. Most objectives require players to take part in matches using their card decks. Spellstone numbers hundreds of unique cards that help players create customized decks.

Dark magic exists in this fantasy game world. Evil forces threaten to corrupt heroes and to end the world. Spellstone story is told in an MMORPG manner through missions. Once in a while, players can complete special stories that are not part of the main quest but give more information about the world and its inhabitants. Various types of events provide a good opportunity to uncover another game chapter and to earn great rewards. Spellstone offers three playable factions. Some players will side with the Powerful Wyld. Others will decide to join the Nimble Aether. The third in game faction is the Fiery Chaos. No matter what alliance they prefer, players will discover that there are tons of units to obtain and skills to unlock. Spellstone has a creature upgrade system. This is a feature used to fuse units and to improve them. Upgrading the team is a continuous process as there are more than 96 challenging levels that require different battle strategies. Heroes have a tough job ahead of them but they don't have to work alone. Guild system and social features allow players to interact.

Players compete in ranked matches. Their performance is used to determine leaderboard position. Spellstone is one of the free to play MMO games designed with competition in mind. Players have the chance to take part in live matches. It's not easy to climb to the top and it certainly takes a lot of work to maintain a good rank. The rewards makes it worth. Awesome bonuses and special items are part of the Spellstone PvP rewards. There are multiple ways to enjoy this fantasy card collecting role playing infused gaming experience. Players can opt for desktop or mobile operating systems. Those who prefer to play on PC or Mac OS X should look for the game under the free online RPG category on Steam. Spellstone mobile versions are available for iOS and Android.

By Rachel Rosen

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