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  • Soul Captor: char

    Soul Captor: char
    Out of the 6 classes available in Soul Captor, I am going to try the Onmyogi...
    Soul Captor: char

    Soul Captor: quest

    Soul Captor: quest
    Look for yellow !s to get quests. You will want the item, xp, and currency rewards to progress through the game....
    Soul Captor: quest

    Soul Captor: port

    Soul Captor: port
    Go through portals to travel to solo and group instances....
    Soul Captor: port

    Soul Captor: boom

    Soul Captor: boom
    At low levels, expect your abilities to 1 shot enemies. These gators never stood a chance!...
    Soul Captor: boom

Soul Captor Gameplay

Soul Captor Gameplay

Published by Gamania, Soul Captor is one of the newest titles in the free MMORPG market. One of the distinctive traits of Soul Captor is the little companion pet called Anima that each Oracle (playable character) has. When you defeat an enemy your Anima will store its soul on the Soulpedia allowing you to unlock all sorts of goodies some gameplay relevant some just for fun. Graphics wise Soul Captor is a real eye candy. It has bright and colorful landscapes, spell casting and animations and the characters have that specific Eastern MMORPG look. When first creating your Soul Captor character you can choose between a male or a female model and lots of visual options (hair styles and colors, face shapes, eyes and a whole lot more). You can shape your character just the way you like. A player can select one of the 6 classes of Soul Captor: Warrior, Celestial Warrior, Priest, Shaman, Omnoji and Mystic Fighter.  All have active, passive and sacred skills that can be customized to match any play style. The absence of talent trees in Soul Captor brings a lot in terms of character customization and uniqueness.

Your Soul Captor  Oracle will level up when it acquires the necessary XP points by completing quests and killing mobs. The Soulpedia is your character development panel. There you can spend Souls for gear enchants, create of food for yourself and for your Anima (you’re basically a cute little soul eater) or convert collected souls into buffs to boost your abilities. A nice feature of the whole soul capturing system is that sometimes a soul can drop a mount scroll. The  world  in this online rpg  is big enough to keep you entertained for quite a while. When you are tired of questing you can group up with friends and adventure into instanced dungeon for a better XP gain and gear upgrades. If you feel like engaging in some PvP action Soul Captor has that covered as well. You can do PvP quests, duel other players or take part in massive battles between guilds. There is a friend list where you can add your real life friends or new friends you make in Soul Captor. If you ever find yourself wanting to do a dungeon, or quest group or some PvP and no one in your friend list is online or available Soul Captor has an integrated party finder tool so you can group up with other people according to your goals. A Soul Captor character can craft all sorts of gear and weapons if it has the right formulae (item recipe) and crafting materials. Items can be traded with other players via the auction house. An Item Mall has also been announced.

Soul Captor is completely free to play mmo although you have the option to spend money on vanity items or gadgets that will speed up your progress. There are no level restrictions or content limitations in Soul Captor whether you choose to play for free or not.

By Rachel Rosen

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