Snow M1 update adds multiplayer and usability upgrades

By Michael Jamias
snow m1 update multiplayer usability

Poppermost Productions have released the M1 update for their open world winter sports MMORPG, Snow, introducing a multiplayer option for all users. This means you can now ski down slopes with buddies, outdoing each other in tricks or competing to see who can descend the fastest.

Developers also focused a lot on improving the usability of menus, user interfaces and other systems borne from extensive fan feedback.

You can watch the Snow M1 update video for a rundown of the biggest changes this patch:

Most of the visual changes served to streamline the menus so they would be easier to navigate and enhance game immersion. Some of the previous menu designs were distracting so the designers moved away from flashy the data-loaded user interfaces popularized in rpg games design and shifted to sleeker, minimal version.

Fan feedback was also heavily considered in the update, so it was no surprise that much-requested features such as a speedometer and in-air rotation system were prioritized.

Snow should see more drastic changes before its official launch, but if you happen to be smitten by it already, feel free to purchase its Steam Early Access version.


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