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snow beta
There's a lot of virtual world sims out there to suit pretty much whatever gaming needs you have. Whether you want to patrol through a realm of high fantasy, defending your loyal subjects from dragons, or run riot through a modern metropolis as an urban kingpin, almost every need has been met. However, if you're the kind of person that wants to kick back after a hard winter as a seasonaire in the Rockies, but still want to live the mountain life...
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Jan 26 2015
snow m1 update multiplayer usability
Poppermost Productions have released the M1 update for their open world winter sports MMORPG, Snow, introducing a multiplayer option for all users. This means you can now ski down slopes with buddies, outdoing each other in tricks or competing to see who can descend the fastest. Developers also focused a lot on improving the usability of menus, user interfaces and other systems borne from extensive fan feedback. You can watch the Snow M1 update...
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Jan 24 2014