Zeus zaps insolent foes in updated SMITE god reveal vid

By Michael Jamias
smite zeus god reveal video

Zeus shocks his targets to submission as a high-damage mage in SMITE.

Many SMITE players are already familiar with Zeus as he was one of the first gods to be revealed for the MMO MOBA. But Hi-Rez Studios has made an updated Zeus reveal video that properly shows off his fearsome area damage and stun.

The new trailer for Zeus follows what has become the conventional reveal format for SMITE champions. First, the rpg lore behind the god is narrated in precise detail. In the case of Zeus, we hear a recap of his mythological origin -- one of the most powerful gods who was forced to kill his father in order to save his siblings, and an upholder of justice despite having deep human flaws himself.

In combat, Zeus offers great burst potential, capable of chaining his thunder attacks and rack up charges that result in debilitating stusn. Zeus excels at decimating teams that stick close together with his small but powerful area lightning spells.

But unlike other most other mages in the arena battle rpg, Zeus also relies on getting off his auto-attacks in order to stack up charges. Those who choose to play as Zeus will need to keep up the auto-attacks while putting out his thunder combo.

As with any mage, careful battle positioning and the timely cast of his single defensive spell should ensure he survives for enough time in battle to deal significant magic damage to the enemy team.


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