SMITE reveals the hunting prowess of Xbalanque, The Hidden Jaguar Sun

By Michael Jamias
smite xbalanque god video

In this new god reveal video, the MOBA-type free online rpg uncovers the agile blow dart shooter, Xbalanque.

Similar to the Champion Spotlight videos of the mmo MOBA game League of Legends, SMITE’s god video for Xbalanque walks us through his passive and active abilities, as well as a comprehensive narration of his history.

Xbalanque’s passive ability is Dead of Night. Whenever Xbalanque kills an enemy god while his ultimate is active, his physical power is increased permanently.

First active ability is Branching Bola, which deals additional damage and hits enemies behind the initial target for small AOE damage when enemy gods are clumped together. Enemies hit by succeeding bolas receive reduced damage though.

Xbalanque’s second active ability is Poison Darts, which spews multiple darts in front of him in a cone area to inflict a small initial damage plus the poison condition, which in turn will inflict ticking damage over time.

His third ability is Rising Jaguar, which is a gap closer. Xbalanque rushes to the target, deals damage, and jumps into the air to land at the back area of the target. Rising Jaguar is usually cast after Poison Darts since enemies who have the poison condition take additional damage from Rising Jaguar.

Xbalanque’s ultimate is Darkest of Nights. This ultimate allows Xbalanque to rack up chain kills in SMITE by providing a temporary attack range and speed boost while limiting the vision of enemies. After three seconds of darkness, enemies who are moving will be stunned.

The video advises players to take Branching Bola first for sustain and farming in the early game, before maxing out his ultimate and Poison Darts next, with one point in Rising Jaguar before maxing it last.


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