Scylla, Horror of the Deep, spreads terror in SMITE

By Michael Jamias
smite scylla god reveal

There's plenty to fear from Scylla, the childlike monstrosity and latest god revealed for the SMITE arena combat rpg.

She has dog-headed tentacles, a nightmare for a laugh, and powerful crowd control and mobility that lets her easily gain positional advantage against her opponents.

As seen in the SMITE Scylla god reveal below, this so-called Horror of the Deep uses a combination of cripple and slow debuffs to keep enemies from fleeing when caught.

When using SMITE's Scylla, you need to consistently land her Seek 'em and Crush spells. Doing so allows the rest of your team can follow up with their own damage spells. Scylla works especially well with high burst and area damage team compositions because of her I'm a Monster ultimate which deals a ton of damage to a single target and refreshes when it inflicts the killing blow.

Scylla is quite the slipper mage, and is less dependent on the protection of allies in the MMO MOBA.

She has great kiting potential and has an emergency dash in the form of the Sentinel spell to get her out of sticky situations. Worst comes to worst, she can use her ultimate to become crowd control immune and quickly retreat to a safer distance.


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