Poolseidon makes a limited-edition splash in SMITE

By Michael Jamias
smite poolseidon skin

Release the Quacken! Poolseidon is making tidal waves as the ultra splashy, first-ever epic skin for SMITE.

There's so much to like about Poolseidon (granted you're not the strait-laced type who thinks beach trunks and scuba gear have no place in the MMO MOBA.) By shelling out 600 gems, you can shoot water at enemy gods, and knock them out by summoning a giant rubber ducky in the middle of a team fight.

Watch water punishment in its finest form in this Poolseidon skin trailer:

You may argue that Poseidon is an underpowered god right now, but it doesn't take away from the fact that the skin lets you smack targets with a pool noodle. That should be more than worth the buy-in price, right?

If you're still not warming up to its visuals, then maybe the promise of elitism will. The Poolseidon is a limited edition skin that will be available only until SMITE's official release on March 25 -- and will then be locked away permanently in the rpg store archives.

As a bonus, supporting the Poolseidon skin will also help prop up the game's budding eSports scene.

For each skin purchased, Hi-Rez Studios will contribute an additional $5 to the SMITE Launch Tournament prize pool. So if you want a fun summer-themed, soon-to-be rare skin, then go snatch up Poolseidon.


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