Nemesis exacts revenge as new SMITE goddess

By Michael Jamias
smite nemesis goddess reveal

SMITE gets a taste of divine retribution as Nemesis, Goddess of Revenge lands on the MMO MOBA's battlefield.

A physical melee warrior, Nemesis is said to be one of the most feared goddesses due to her ability to use any person's or fellow Olympian's hubris against him. The tougher the enemy the harder they fall seems to be the battle cry for Nemesis, as she becomes even stronger when fighting tougher opponents.

Watch this SMITE God Reveal video for Nemesis to see her dole out destruction and death to her foolish targets.

A side note though: The Swift Vengeance ability has been slightly tweaked by removing the conditional dash requirement. So that means that even if Nemesis does not hit a valid target with the first dash of Swift Vengeance, she can still immediately use the second dash.

The rest of Nemesis' abilities work properly, and when used in combination, make Nemesis a tenacious duelist and single-damage melee bruiser.

Nemesis can be compared to the berserker archetype in action rpg titles. She only ramps up in power the longer a fight progresses due to her combat passive and sustain, but can be quite prone to kiting especially after she has used up her two dashes.

As for ultimate ability, Divine Judgment, we feel it is best used to take down tanks and other tough-skinned bruisers since it steals protection. It can also be a great finisher for fleeing targets with its move speed drain.


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