SMITE god reveal for Mercury, Messenger of the Gods

By Michael Jamias
smite mercury god reveal

Mercury, Messenger of the Gods blinks in and out of combat, sowing chaos and delivering pinpoint assassination.

Mercury flashes into SMITE as its newest melee physical assassin. His unparalleled quickness both in wit and movement speed make him a deceivingly dangerous opponent. You won't believe the deadly tricks he can pull off without even having to use brute force.

Watch the full Mercury god reveal video to see how his agile antics can unravel the enemy team:

In the MMO MOBA, Mercury viciously attacks targets and displaces squishies to turn the tide of battle. You get attack speed increases and attack damage buffs, as well as crowd control reduction and an ultimate that can massively disrupt team fights. All these are designed for you to eliminate powerful backline enemies.

Playing Mercury well requires you to fully take advantage of his fast movement to harass and eventually go in for the kill. In laning, he can safely whittle down opponents from afar and can punish out of position foes, throwing them into the direction of the tower (and often into the pummeling range of your team mates) to secure a kill.

Mercury brings great utility, damage and assassination potential in team fights, but will need to be extra cautious of how he approaches targets. This is because despite his uncanny speed, he does not have a lot of health (in the tradition of the high-risk, high-reward assassin types in rpg games) and can be bursted down if he engages poorly. Pull off your skills perfectly though and you will be rewarded with quick kills and awesome team presence.

If you're craving for fun and fast action, then choose this daring god that rushes into combat with a lot of tricks up his winged sleeve.


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