Celebrate the SMITE launch with a gorgeous cinematic trailer

By Michael Jamias
smite launch cinematic trailer

This SMITE launch cinematic trailer left a little tear in our eyes by how polished it is, giving justice to several of the mythology-based MMO MOBA's most popular gods.

In case you haven't heard, SMITE and its pantheon of powerful gods fighting in DOTA-like action combat are officially releasing today, March 25, for play in North America and Europe. And we think this trailer is a great way to attract fans to give the game a whirl.

SMITE has been gaining steady steam with its solid gameplay and familiar cast of gods brought to life in an arena combat rpg setting. Prior to the SMITE NA and Europe launch, Hi-Rez Studios reported over 3 million registered players during its extended open beta phase.

Its appeal comes from being able to control deities and legends across the Greek, Egyptian, Norse, Chinese, Hindu, Roman and Mayan mythologies. We have to admit that there's a particularly satisfying feeling to striking down a target with a Zeus lightning or mangling a poor fellow as the ferocious Fenrir.

So far, more than 50 gods have been revealed and promises a fair variety of tactics and team compositions. Comparisons have been made between SMITE and League of Legends, but the former has set itself apart with its immersive third-person perspective combat.

At launch, SMITE will support localized versions in French, Spanish and German on top of English.


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