SMITE announces launch date and tournament

By Tam Mageean
smite launch

One of the defining mmo games of 2013, SMITE has announced its official release date. The 3D MOBA has experienced a whirlwind of success in 2013, dominating the cons, expos and Twitch streams, wherever it traveled and has already experienced its fair share of pro tournaments.

Today, Hi-Rez studios announced that they were finally ready to take the leap from open-beta to omega, and announced that the MMO will officially launch in Europe and North America on Tuesday, March 25th next year, and will make it's first Professional, Live appearance in the form of a $100,000 LAN Tournament onMarch 29th and 30th.

 The tournament is set to take place in Atalanta Georgia; home of Hi-Rez, and the birthplace of SMITE. Competitors for the eight-team bracket will qualify via the SMITE weekly tournaments, starting on January 4th and will feature the four top teams from North America, facing off against the four teams in Europe, with the whole thing being streamed, live and worldwide, on the SMITE Twitch channel.

If you're already playing SMITE in the open beta, your progress will carry over, with a promotional Cacodemon skin for Ymir being awarded to all beta players who have surpassed level 30 when the game goes live.

If you haven't had a chance to play the god-wielding MOBA yet, you're really missing out. Head over to SMITE's home page and check it out!


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