SMITE awakens Kumbhakarna, The Sleeping Giant

By Michael Jamias
smite kumbhakarna god reveal

Kumbhakarna, The Sleeping Giant, knocks out opponents in SMITE with his impressive line-up of crowd control abilities. As the newest guardian deity for the MMO MOBA, SMITE's Kumbhakarna is a great initiator and disruptor in combat.

What Kumbhakarna lacks in raw damage, he makes up for in immense crowd control potential and defensive capabilities. Kumbhakarna shines as a gank enabler during the laning phase, and as a protector of more vulnerable allies during team fights.

Mastering Kumbhakarna requires knowing how to properly time his crowd control spells.

When's the right time to cast Groggy Strike and root several enemies into place or unleash Mighty Yawn to mesmerize nearby foes for a few seconds? You can get a few tips in this SMITE Kumbhakarna god reveal video:

Among Kumbhakarna’s abilities, his most iconic are his passive and ultimate abilities that make him especially difficult to kill and disruptive in battle.

For his passive, even after dipping into zero health, Kumbhakarna falls into a sleeping state that requires enemies to hit him with several more basic attacks or else he will revive with 25% health. Even during the sleeping state, he can cast his mass mesmerize spell, so enemies will be wary about clumping around him or will at least focus fire him so he can be killed permanently.

Meanwhile, for his ultimate, Kumbhakarna can send one target flying into the air for a few seconds and deals a chunk of damage. When used on a damage-heavy assassin, for example, Kumbhakarna can turn team fights around and ensure victory for his team in the arena online rpg.


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