Watch the new SMITE god Hercules in action

By Michael Jamias
smite hercules video

See the powerful abilities of SMITE’s latest bruiser, Hercules, The Champion of Rome.

As told in the video Hercules has been patterned after the demigod son of Jupiter (more commonly known as Zeus in Greek mythology as well as in other rpg games online.)

Hercules has a passive ability called Strength from Pain, which lets him gain additional physical power based on his missing health. This makes Hercules quite a dangerous 1v1 opponent in the mmo moba arena as he becomes empowered the more damage he takes. Other SMITE heroes should be extra careful when attempting to finish him off in fights because he is capable of turning the tables with this passive.

Hercules seems to have been designed to be a high risk, high reward champion in the sense that those who choose to fight with bruised health will deal higher damage and even unlock some additional ability effects.

Below is a rundown of his activated abilities:

  • Driving Strike. Hercules delivers a mighty strike, driving all enemies back. He rushes forward and those who are hit are pushed back at a distance. It’s a great peeling or chasing ability depending on the situation. 50% below health also applies a stun on top of the knockback.


  • Eathbreaker. Hercules smashes the ground, sending a shockwave forward that damages enemies. It also has a harpoon effect, where the farthest enemies hit by the ability are pulled towards Hercules.


  • Mitigate Wounds. When activated, Hercules heals a percentage of damage taken over time. It functions as a sort of shield. A greater percentage is healed the more health Hercules is missing.


  • Excavate. Hercules’s ultimate ability rips a huge boulder from the ground and thrusts it towards his enemies. It deals area damage on point of impact as well as a push back, then the boulder continues to roll and deal less damage to succeeding targets hit.


Hercules is pegged as a physical melee fighter that is strong at chasing down enemies as well as disrupting the positioning of enemies.


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