SMITE unveils official concept art for He Bo

By Michael Jamias
smite he bo concept art

See the intriguing half-man half-tidal current that is He Bo, God of the Yellow River.

SMITE developers have released a couple of He Bo concept art pieces for He Bo, which capture his mage powers that give him full destructive command of water.

SMITE He Bo Concept Art comics style

The first concept art above shows He Bo drawn in the style of a comic book character, in the act of summoning his Water Cannon, his first ability that shoots a short stream from his hands and does magic damage to all enemies caught in it. The Water Cannon has a relatively short cooldown of 3 seconds and can thus He Bo can spam it to deal sustained damage.

On the lower left of the first concept art, we also glimpse his giant sacred scroll. He Bo unrolls his scroll to perform his second ability, the Atlas of the Yellow River, which unleashes flood water in a specific area. All allies within in the flood water gain bonus movement speed while enemies in the flood water suffer a movement slow.

SMITE He Bo powers concept art

Meanwhile, the second concept art depicts He Bo as he would appear in the MMO MOBA. Both his arms and legs have already transformed into water, which suggest that he is about to perform his ultimate, Crushing Wave. He Bo turns into an enormous tsunami-like wave that crashes forward and damaging all who dare stand in its fast and furious rolling path.

For those looking to play He Bo when he joins the action rpg rumble in SMITE, keep in mind that while he can dish out immense area damage, his burst damage relies on precise skillshots, meaning that if you miss a combo, you might be open for lethal counterattacks.


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