SMITE god reveal video features Zhong Kui, The Demon Queller

By Michael Jamias
smite god reveal zhong kui

Hi Rez Studios previews the evil-hunting powers of Zhong Kui, The Demon Queller, the newest mage to join SMITE.

Zhong Kui -- pronounced as "Jong Kwee" -- brings a withering presence to the MMO MOBA battlefield with his damage over time, stun and inescapable mass damage ultimate.

Watch this Zhong Kui god reveal video to know about his rpg lore, abilities and fighting combos:

Zhong Kui was once a brilliant scholar that was rejected for his hideous face, but the lord of the undead saw great potential in him and appointed him as the tracker and keeper of demons.

Armed with his trusty demon bag, Zhong Kui captures malicious spirits and then commands them to defeat his foes.

In the SMITE arena, he initiates fights by marking them as demons then proceeds to combo marked targets with stuns and damage over time attacks.

Zhong Kui is a particularly resilient mage because of his healing and crowd control kit.

He is also at his most dangerous when allowed to dish out his stun combo leading to a full-channeled, demon-lashing ultimate.

Players would do well to focus him down so that he does not get to fill his bag passive and get a full combo out, or just avoid clumping together around him to minimize the damage from area attacks and ultimate.


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