SMITE's Fenrir the Unbound...New God Reveal

By Michael Jamias
smite fenrir god reveal

Watch Fenrir the Unbound -- a twisted fire-breathing werewolf that has broken loose from the underworld – in SMITE god reveal newest video.

In the usual formula of the video series, SMITE developers first shed the moonlight on Fenrir’s origins as the shunned son of Loki prophesied to bring death and devastation to the ruling pantheon.

SMITE Fenrir joins the mmo moba game with a thirst for bloody revenge after the gods chained him in fear of his feral strength.

SMITE has classified Fenrir as a physical melee bruiser with a passive that charges and empowers his abilities with additional damage or effects. The passive charges as Fenrir hits targets, or enemies around him fall in battle.

His active abilities include a leaping gap-closer with a conditional stun at full passive charge; a howling buff steroid that ups his damage and enables life steal; and a vicious single-target slash attack that can deal splash damage at full passive charge.

Finally, Fenrir can activate a powerful ultimate called Ragnarok that renders him immune to crowd control abilities and improved defenses, as well as a biting skill that drags one enemy target to a desired location.  Fans of the free online rpg can use this ultimate to engage the enemy and disable a key target, like the back row damage dealer.


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