The Monkey King returns to Smite

By Tam Mageean
smite fall patch

Warrior, Rebel Trickster and Monk, Sun Wukong has returned to Smite; bigger and badder than ever. Revealed today in the Smite fall patch notes, Sun Wukong's deep and comprehensive lore has been revealed in a 6 minute feature on the Smite homepage, along with his combat notes, and other additions that are coming to the battle RPG.

Sun Wukong started out life as an Eastern leader of the monkey tribes, wielding the power of his magic staff, and using it to wipe his own name from the Book of Life and Death, in an attempt to never die. His infamy lead to unwanted attention from other great leaders, resulting in him being captured and detained beneath a mountain for over 5 centuries. Eventually, he was saved by 3 disciples, and ascended into the heavens, cementing his immortality.

Sun Wukong Banner

His return has also granted him shape-shifting abilities, rage buffs, and a decoy capability.

A significant addition in this patch, has been the inclusion of Smite Leagues, providing competitive in both Arena and Conquest, resulting in tier rankings, which will update and promote/demote players at the end of each month.

In the first month, all combatants in the MMO are going to be placed in the Bronze league, with players being promoted and redistributed across Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond leagues as the Smite League system evolves and players establish themselves. Rewards will be dealt out accordingly for outstanding competitors.


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