SMITE teaser vid dishes on Conquest map changes and AFRO-dite skin

By Michael Jamias
smite conquest update teaser video afro dite skin

Watch this SMITE patch reveal for a sneak peek at the upcoming Conquest map tweaks.

The SMITE Conquest patch reveal enumerates the layout changes that are hitting the Conquest map: From wider jungle paths and a couple of new XP monster camps to wider team fight areas when competing against two of the biggest objectives in the MOBA-type online rpg.

The fog of war has also been introduced to the jungle, allowing for more surprise tactics and the need to get vision before engaging the enemy team. This is because players can hide in the fog of war and ambush vulnerable targets.

The whole map as a whole has also been redesigned to be quite slimmer than before.

While some fans welcomed the changes as a way to make the gameplay more new player-friendly, veterans argue that it has made SMITE quite generic and similar to other MMO MOBAs like League of Legends.

The Conquest patch also releases the new AFRO-dite skin, complete with a skin-tight suit and voluminous hair for the love goddess. She also wields a psychedelic disco ball. Graphics and vocal upgrades will also be handed out to other SMITE gods such as Loki.


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