SMITE previews Chang'e, Faerie of the Moon

By Michael Jamias
smite chang e faerie of the moon

Hi-Rez Studios has released the SMITE god reveal video for the dancing support mage Chang'e, Faerie of the Moon.

The preview begins by narrating the tragic love story that has led Chang'e her to ascend to the Moon and adopt a cute Jade Rabbit as her trusted companion. More than a cuddly furry, the rabbit serves as an item courier that can purchase for Chang'e without having to go back to base.

In terms of combat rpg roles, Chang'e serves as a powerful support mage, capable of healing and buffing herself and her allies while debuffing enemies. She can also easily evade enemy focus fire, further increasing her survivability and usefulness in sustained engagements.

SMITE players though will no doubt choose to play her for the devastating ultimate she inflicts on enemy teams -- a mass stun that increases in duration for each subsequent enemy god hit.

While the width of her ultimate hit box is quite thin, it is wide and long enough to possibly stun the entire enemy team if they clump together during a team fight.
Chang'e seems like a sold sustain support addition to the MMO MOBA, capable of spamming heals and defense boosts in the backline. She shines when she can perform her dances undisturbed while frontline bruisers secure the kills on the enemy team. As a duelist though, Chang'e seems underpowered and will likely lose when caught out on her own.


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