SMITE reveals Chaac, God of Rain

By Michael Jamias
smite chaac god of rain

Cleave enemies with a cloud-splitting axe as Chaac, God of Rain, the newest god to drizzle into SMITE.

Chaac -- it's pronounced like "Shock" but with a long vowel sound -- hails from the Mayan pantheon of gods. He's one of the good guys but with a soft spot for married women. (Insert obligatory seedy big axe joke here.)

All kidding aside, Chaac is a pretty powerful melee fighter in the MMO MOBA. This Chaac god reveal video shows his killer kit:

Chaac has great sustain in line with his free mana passive and Healing Rain area buff. He is superb as a straight-up melee bruiser that smashes into the fray and unloads his attacks. He's great for area damage compositions and can easily initiate fights as well as chase down runners.

Based on those who have tried him, Chaac is said to be very easy to learn. He also has a fun, flashy playstyle that should appeal to action rpg lovers.

Fighting against Chaac, the best advice is to move away when he throws his axe using the Thunder Strike ability.  More than other gods, his damage output is quite dependent on catching opponents with that opener then following it up with an axe swing or a supercharged lightning ultimate. Attack speed gods should also be very wary when dueling against Chaac since he can debuff attack speed and also gain defense protection on top of his sustain.


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